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Albia® Consulting delivers top software platforms, integrated enterprise systems, architecture, design and analysis, development, testing, and much more. Aimed at delivering nothing else but solutions, Albia® consultants are fully qualified and experienced to provide you with top services and help your organization whenever you need and wherever you require!

Having Albia® Consulting involved with your projects brings enormous benefits:
  • Get special expertise fast
  • Utilize Albia® innovative and agile products and services to generate new business value
  • Reduce the cost and delivery of IT operations while maintaining service quality...
Some Facts:
  • Services in all European countries and some parts of Middle East
  • Range of solutions specifically designed for banking
  • Cost effective business and technology integrator
  • Experts in providing world class consultancy services...
  • Proven consultancy model and methodology
  • Some of the best consultants with diverse expertise in IT and business areas
  • Albia® can bring down your costs by 40 to 60%
  • Albia® produces world class software currently sold in over 15 countries
  • Independent software vendor
Albia® Consulting uses a proven and established framework to accomplish fast and high quality results on all client engagements.
The Consulting methodology is a proven way of delivering projects, services, and solutions, and it helps our clients to successfully implement new technologies while utilizing current infrastructure. The methodology consists of the following phases: Analysis & Design, Build & Test, Deploy, and Evaluate.
Albia® Consulting enables customers to reach a high level of business excellence when utilizing our services and solutions focused on customer's success.
It is not a surprise that in today's world organisations are increasing their profits not only through acquisition of new markets, but also by developing new products and rolling out new services for their existing market.
When it comes to enterprise architecture, Albia® Consulting are experts in defining and implementing projects that utilise SOA, SDP (Service Delivery Platform), and other frameworks.
Albia® Consulting is working towards ensuring our customers get the most out of their IT and business infrastructure, by defining processes and policies that enable IT governance, contract management, and Service Level Agreements (SLAs).
Albia® Consulting provides IT cost reductions, IT asset management, capacity planning, IT audit and optimization, and IT business process management for the sake of ensuring our customers reach and maintain the best IT organisational and governance plans.
Albia® Consulting is committed to provide the right advice and support while defining our customer's IT infrastructure and Enterprise Architecture. While managing complex IT projects and evaluating dependencies, we allow business transformation and IT infrastructure re-use.
At Albia® we believe that software architecture matters because high-quality software architecture is a key element for your long term success...
Albia® provides software development services for all industries. By utilizing expertise of our software engineers you will be able to build world class solutions.
Albia® offers system integration. Using our top consultants, system integration will be an easy and enjoyable experience for you!
When it comes to SOA, Albia® has the best people in the region with SOA architecture and development skills. Whether your company is just evaluating SOA, or is already running it, Albia® will enrich your SOA system with highly experienced consultants, capable to work with all major SOA vendor tools and technologies
Albia® conducts different types of testing using Testadon - our own innovative software product. Services include testing your system at various stages, providing full test result documentation. We use Testadon to conduct all our tests � our unique product that we ourselves use for User Interface, Functional, Load & Stress, System, and Integration testing.
Albia® provides end-to-end web development for all major web technology platforms. Whether you are planning to run an e-commerce website, open a new Web 2.0 portal, or simply re-design your existing website, Albia® will provide you all you need to reach your goals faster.
Albia® offers world class talented graphic designers and artists to fulfil all your graphic designing needs. Whether it is a web development project, or a 3D animated movie - Albia® has the people and expertise to deliver low cost world class graphic designs, providing innovative and creative artistic work by our highly talented team.

Professional Services

Almost every of our successful enterprise customer, at some point in their evolution, gain a greater magnitude, and demand a focused level of support that goes beyond the normal levels of attention. The solution is to have Professional Services with an Account Team...

Albia® Professional Services main mission is to ensure customer success. That's why we leverage business integration expertise to help our customers and partners become more self-sufficient in achieving, sustaining, and growing business results using Albia® solutions.
Albia® Professional Services uses a proven and established framework to accomplish fast and high quality results on all client engagements. Our main goal is to ensure that the client expectations are met or exceeded through ensuring that:
  • Ensure Delivery
  • Maximize ROI
  • Drive Competitive Advantage
  • Follow best practices and standards
  • All issues and risks are mitigated with a hands-on effort
  • Full compliance is followed either with industrial, technological, or client's proprietary standards
  • Strong Program Management
  • Strong Change Management
  • Strong Technical Architecture
  • Strong Developer Mentoring
  • Agility
  • Innovation
  • Competence
  • Productivity
  • Efficiency
  • Cost effectiveness...