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Software Architecture & DevelopmentAlbia® provides software development services for all industries. By utilizing expertise of our software engineers you will be able to build world class solutions. We are covering all major development environments, and in addition we can provide support and training for your existing solutions. 35 €Buy Now
Enterprise Application and System IntegrationAlbia® offers system integration. Using our top consultants, system integration will be an easy and enjoyable experience for you! We provide Enterprise Application Integration (EAI), Architecture, Business-to-Business (B2B), CORBA, Web Services, Java Business Integration (JBI), etc.40 €Buy Now
SOA (Service Oriented Architecture)When it comes to SOA, Albia® has the best people in the region with SOA architecture and development skills. Whether your company is just evaluating SOA, or is already running it, Albia® will enrich your SOA system with highly experienced consultants, capable to work with all major SOA vendor tools and technologies. 40 €Buy Now
Web DevelopmentAlbia® provides end-to-end web development for all major web technology platforms. Whether you are planning to run an e-commerce website, open a new Web 2.0 portal, or simply re-design your existing website, Albia® will provide you all you need to reach your goals faster.20 €Buy Now
SOA, Integration, Web, and Enterprise System TestingAlbia® conducts different types of testing using Testadon - our own innovative software product. Services include testing your system at various stages, providing full test result documentation. We use Testadon to conduct all our tests - our unique product that we ourselves use for User Interface, Functional, Load & Stress, System, and Integration testing. We can test any enterprise or web system, as well as SOA systems and application integration. With the power our technology tests can be conducted on the spot, and results with full documentation produced seconds after completing tests. 15 €Buy Now
Graphic DesignAlbia® offers world class talented graphic designers and artists to fulfil all your graphic designing needs. Whether it is a web development project, or a 3D animated movie - Albia® has the people and expertise to deliver low cost world class graphic designs, providing innovative and creative artistic work by our highly talented team.30 €Buy Now