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Technical Account Manager (TAM)

At Albia® our main focus is getting customers into production successfully with the highest level of satisfaction. We understand all common development and integration project problems, and have a complete strategy and methodology in place that can ensure our customers achieve the expected results and Return on Investment (ROI) with their implementations.

Coordination of the activities and technical needs of multiple independent projects is best provided by a central body which owns your infrastructure and acts as a service bureau. The following skill sets are absolutely critical for the success of your project:

  • Strong Program Management
  • Strong Change Management
  • Strong Technical Architecture
  • Strong Developer Mentoring

Implementing best practices requires on-the-job mentoring and coaching to really understand how they can be applied in your environment, while simultaneously bringing your team up to speed. With successful planning, design, and implementation our customers can truly see the enterprise-wide adoption of integration solutions.

Albia® Technical Account Manager (TAM) is your central point of contact during your projects. TAM not only provides you with all answers about your project, while being present at your site, lead the project, meet the targets, ensure sufficient resources are allocated, and monitor and resolve any organizational issues.

Account Management Processes:

  • Relationship Management
  • Solution Design & Delivery
  • Account Expansion

Albia® TAMs are highly trained IT specialist with many years of industrial experience that can work with all technical and business stakeholders. TAM not only knows how to best handle your projects, but also does that in the best possible way while following our methodology and world class standards.

Having an Albia® Technical Account Manager will mitigate all project problems, while keeping you informed on a daily or weekly basis, provide your organization with Albia® best practices, advise you on project development and technology, ensure the work is done within agreed SLAs (Service Level Agreements), and make your long term relationship with Albia® an enjoyable and beneficial experience! Talk to our consultant today!