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Why Outsource?

In a competitive globalized market many companies face tough challenges on a daily basis. Customer demands grow as businesses offer new services while competing with one another. Some companies quickly need to roll out new products or services for which they don't have any in-house expertise or infrastructure.

Some businesses are facing huge costs on in-house personnel or while investing into new skills or infrastructure. While trying to enter new markets or develop new products, companies can lose their business objective focus and get eaten by a 'bigger fish'.

For decades outsourcing was a smart solution for many businesses to stay competitive and to gain market value from delivering new services and products at a fast speed with a small cost. Outsourcing was helping them to get focused on their core business processes and stay on the track with their business objectives. Outsourcing has solved many hurdles in achieving different business goals, and has proved to be a great solution for software development projects. When it comes to cost saving and speeding up time to develop new software, outsourcing can bring economical advantages like nothing else. Many companies across the globe benefit from outsourcing while conquering the market and bringing innovative and creative software products to their customers.

How to Outsource Successfully?

Albia® offers the following benefits for outsourcing clients:

  • Competitive cost-structure and high quality service-levels
  • Expertise in managing and delivering top class software projects
  • Long term partnership
  • Seamless interface with your enterprise
  • Outsourcing methodology that can render discontinuity quick and easy
  • Customer value creation as the sole objective
  • Agility to keep pace with you and your growth
  • Flexible to meet your ever-changing requirements
  • Technical Account Manager to mitigate all problems and even be present at your site
  • Service without high disruption risks
  • World class safety and confidentiality practices
  • Technical Account Manager to mitigate all problems and even be present at your site
  • Service without high disruption risks
  • Safety and confidentiality practices

Albia® core competencies are:

  • product innovation
  • customer service and
  • business relationship management

The next step for outsourcing with Albia® is:

  1. Talk to us
  2. You and Albia® will agree and sign a contract agreement
  3. Albia® will assign Technical Account Manager and all required resources
  4. Your project will be started

Your project can be started within 2 days of contacting us. We can also visit you at a short notice to discuss the partnership or your project, and explain to you our processes and methodology. Talk to our outsourcing manager today!