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Global Software Work (GSW)

By choosing Albia® GSW outsourcing option you will be able to benefit from undertaking software development work at geographically separated locations across international borders in a coordinated approach based on real time or asynchronous interactions. With Albia® GSW you will be able to fit:

  • Efficiency
  • Calculability
  • Predictability and
  • Control

Albia® offers three distinctive aspects of GSW:

  1. Work separation with electronically coordinated environment across time and space
  2. The ability to enter into GSW at the shortest possible time
  3. Full control and coordination over work unites by linking you directly with Albia® resources and infrastructure

By utilizing GSW, your software project will gain intangibility, heterogeneity, mobility and scalability. Albia® GSW provides you will our knowledge systems that include programming languages, software development methodologies, project management techniques, and the application domain. Albia® provides quality control processes that are in line with international standards. You will be able to connect to our shared electronic domain and take advantage of our powerful software development team through simple ICTs (email, Skype, videoconferencing, etc). The key advantage of Albia® GSW is the ability to build software projects without time and space restrictions, driving down the cost of development, and scaling up or down our powerful team of experts. Talk to our outsourcing manager today!