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Albia® is an international software vendor and IT services provider. We deliver innovative software platforms, integrated enterprise systems, and we provide solutions for a range of industrial clients in Europe and the Middle East. Albia® provides expert Outsourcing software product development and IT services to private and public sectors in various industries across the world in the following areas:

Outsourcing has solved many hurdles in achieving different business goals, and has proved to be a great solution for software development projects. When it comes to cost saving and speeding up time to develop new software, outsourcing can bring economical advantages like nothing else. Many companies across the globe benefit from outsourcing while conquering the market and bringing innovative and creative software products to their customers
  • Reduced cost of software development projects - Albia® can bring down your costs by 40 to 60%
  • High quality state-of-the-art software development
  • Quality assurance compliance with IEEE, ISO, or your own proprietary standards
  • Ability to scale up or down software development team at short notice
  • Having top experts working on your projects (Albia® is a software vendor delivering and selling world class software to over 15 countries)
Albia® is like no other company for outsourcing because:
  • We can bring down your costs by 40 to 60%
  • We produce world class software currently sold in over 15 countries
  • Independent software vendor
  • Specialised products and services that offer higher productivity to your organisation
  • Highly skilled in over 20 technology areas and programming languages
The following advantages for outsourcing to Bosnia and Herzegovina are important to consider:
  • Ideally located - at the crossroads between West and East, the Mediterranean and Continent
  • Only two hours by air from any European business centre
  • Low costs for running IT projects
  • Central European Time (UTC + 1 hour)
  • Highly qualified and motivated labour force, very skilled in foreign languages
  • Robust economic activity
  • Business environment to EU standards
Albia® offers three distinctive aspects of GSA:
  • Work separation with electronically coordinated environment across time and space
  • The ability to enter into GSA at the shortest possible time
  • Full control and coordination over work unites by linking you directly with Albia® resources and infrastructure
Albia® Technical Account Manager (TAM) is your central point of contact during outsourcing. TAM not only provides you with all answers about your project, but also can be present at your site when required , lead the project, meet the targets, ensure sufficient resources are allocated, monitor and resolve any organizational issues, keep you informed on a daily or weekly basis, mitigate all project problems, provide your organization with Albia® best practices, advise you on project development and technology, ensure the work is done within agreed SLAs (Service Level Agreements), and make your long term relationship with Albia® an enjoyable and beneficial experience!
Since our major focus is to get our customers what they need in the time frame they want, we have tailored the best approach that is our own unique outsourcing methodology which works best for our clients and for us. It is based on Agile software development concepts, our expertise in project delivery, skills and personnel utilization, and it is customized to meet the needs of our demanding clients.
Albia® enterprise architect team are experts in their fields, and they would be happy to help you with your issues. Whether you are planning building a new system or integrate your existing infrastructure, our specialists will give you priceless advises on how to best optimize your IT infrastructure, structure your software, build better integrations, and to achieve ROI on your systems.
At Albia® we believe that software architecture matters because high-quality software architecture is a key element for your long term success...
Albia® provides software development services for all industries. By utilizing expertise of our software developers and engineers you will be able to build world class solutions. We are covering all major development environments, and in addition we can provide support and training for your existing solutions.
Albia® offers system integration. Using our top consultants, system integration will be an easy and enjoyable experience for you! We provide the following services:
  • Enterprise Application Integration (EAI)
  • Architecture
  • Design
  • Development
  • Customized adapters
When it comes to SOA, Albia® has the best people in the region with SOA architecture and development skills. Whether your company is just evaluating SOA, or is already running it, Albia® will enrich your SOA system with highly experienced consultants, capable to work with all major SOA vendor tools and technologies.
Albia® provides top industry consultants at your disposal. We offer IT consulting within the following areas:
  • IT Strategy
  • Value Management
  • Enterprise Architecture
  • Operational Excellence
  • IT Governance & Partnership
  • IT Leadership
Albia® conducts different types of testing using Testadon - our own innovative software product. Services include testing your system at various stages, providing full test result documentation. We use Testadon to conduct all our tests � our unique product that we ourselves use for User Interface, Functional, Load & Stress, System, and Integration testing. We can test any enterprise or web system, as well as SOA systems and application integration.
Albia® provides end-to-end web development for all major web technology platforms. Whether you are planning to run an e-commerce website, open a new Web 2.0 portal, or simply re-design your existing website, Albia® will provide you all you need to reach your goals faster.
Albia® offers world class talented graphic designers and artists to fulfil all your graphic designing needs. Whether it is a web development project, or a 3D animated movie - Albia® has the people and expertise to deliver low cost world class graphic designs, providing innovative and creative artistic work by our highly talented team.