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Test Execution and Modelling Platform (TEMP)

Software failures are expensive in today's high-tech world. Software bugs are costing billions to companies, and create economic instability across all business sectors, and especially in e-commerce and banking industry. Test Execution and Modelling Platform (TEMP) is a new technology developed by Albia®.

TEMP allows business users and developers to create test cases without writing a line of code or script, model test case using GUI tools, then schedule, execute, monitor, alert, and acquire results.

TEMP is a concept that allows multiple types and levels of testing for enterprise systems being executed using one platform. TEMP can fully automate 95% of testing activities. It saves development and maintenance time, bringing high Return of Investment (ROI) to an organization that implements it.

Testadon is a testing software platform based entirely on TEMP and developed by Albia®. It incorporates User Interface, Functional, Load & Stress, System, and Integration testing and simulation for web enterprise systems. Testadon brings a unique infrastructure which supports real-time testing where testers can cure problems that appear right away rather than waiting until a product is fully released. Testadon increases the net value of software by reducing the cost of software development and testing, decreasing the time required to develop new software products and services. It also improves performance, interoperability, and conformance of software. Talk to our consultant today!

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